Winter Storms Put A Curse On Tuesdays

Someone has put a curse on Tuesdays.

This week, we had Winter Storm Leon attacking the South on Tuesday. Last week, it was Winter Storm Janus on Tuesday, attacking the MidAtlantic and Northeast. Both storms included extreme cold temps, snow and wind, a concoction of conditions that combine to create weather ranging from miserable to dangerous. This week, Leon included freezing rain in the South, which is about the worst.

Watch out next week! The Weather Channel is already forecasting a couple more storms, and I’ll bet Tuesday will once again be a bad day in the MidAtlantic and Northeast.

Seems that the Jet Stream has changed its path yet again. The past two weeks, the Jet Stream has dipped way down South, allowing freezing Alberta Clippers to swoop down from Canada creating storms Janus and Leon.

Now, the Weather Channel is charting a course showing the Jet Stream coming South way out West and streaming gradually north as it crosses America. Therefore, instead of high-pressure systems swooping down from Canada, we’ll be getting low-pressure systems generated along the Pacific coast and moving pretty much straight west to east, all the way to the East Coast. At least that’s the way I understand it (if I understand it at all).

The good news for Maryland and Philadelphia is that we’ll probably be in the rain zone for the coming week’s storms. Only a little farther north, it could be freezing rain in the New York City area, and snow.

But not to worry. That’s next week. The Super Bowl will be safely in the history books by then. The February weather will make me wish I could go south with the Orioles or the Nats for Spring Training. But as usual, I don’t see my name on the roster. I’m available if any team wants to offer me a contract. I work cheap.

— John Hayden

4 thoughts on “Winter Storms Put A Curse On Tuesdays

  1. I believe that the “Snoverkill” final frap back in 2010 also hit on a Tuesday, after the infamous Snowmageddon. That was the one that made grown men put their head in their hands and cry.


  2. Hello John, FYI, here in Ottawa, Ontario we are expecting something called a ‘Colorado Low’ this weekend to dump a lot of snow on us. Guess the bad weather travels both ways at times. As a Canadian I am a bit sensitive to all the chatter about ‘ cold air from Canada’ in American weather reports. Keep up the writing, cheers, Deborah


    • Deborah, Thanks for commenting. I’ve been a little insensitive about the cold air from Canada thing. In fact, in one recent post, I wrote, “Why Is Canada Mad At US?”

      That was meant in a joking manner, of course. I think we in the U.S. sometimes take our friendship with Canada too “for granted.” Relations even between friends can become strained at times. For instance, right now, I hear that many in Canada are growing impatient with the U.S. refusal to approve a pipeline for Canadian oil and gas from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.

      And U.S. environmentalists have been unrestrained in criticizing increased oil and gas production in Canada, which would of course be a great economic asset for Canada. I’m sorry you’re also getting bad weather from the south.

      I think most in the U.S. greatly admire and respect Canada. Your cities are generally cleaner than ours, your economy has been more resilient in recent years, your people are extremely well-educated, and your politics, at least some of the time, is more progressive and civil than ours. I’ll definitely be more careful in the future about making casual, humorous remarks at the expense of Canada. Cheers back, John


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