Half The People Arrested Monday Night Have Not Been Charged With Any Crime

Half of the 235 people arrested during disorder on the streets of Baltimore on Monday night have been released without being charged with a crime, The Baltimore Sun has reported. Read The Sun story here. Apparently, paperwork on many of the arrests could not be found.

Some were held without charges for two days. Normally, those not charged are released within one day.

Meanwhile, many who were charged remain in the Baltimore City Detention Center after having high bails set by District Court judges. Some defense attorneys complained that unreasonably high bails were set for relatively minor offenses.

Do you think that Monday night’s “riot” in Baltimore was in any way comparable to the 1968 riots? Some 5,000 were arrested in the city during the 1968 riots. Compare that to 235 arrests Monday night and 10 more Tuesday night. Most of the arrests Tuesday nigh were for curfew violations.

A 10 p.m. curfew remains in place throughout the city.

— John Hayden

1 thought on “Half The People Arrested Monday Night Have Not Been Charged With Any Crime

  1. I believe the only comparison between 1968 with 2015 was the confrontation with the police, the looting, and some localized destruction. 2015 was small potatoes compared to 1968. In 68, riots in Baltimore & nationwide were due to the assassination of MLK. Heck, federal troops [Army] were brought in to lock-down Baltimore in 68. I remember thousands of troops I was just a kid of 10 and grew up in the neighborhood of Waverly [zip 21218]. I remember the curfews, federal troops setting up shop at the vacant lot adjacent of the old memorial stadium off south 33rd street. The only thing in common with 2015 & 68 was the civil disturbances were across the nation.



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