Snowzilla Survival Plan

The Capital Weather Gang reports as follows:

“Snowzilla is just beginning to hit its stride. Conditions deteriorate into the night as heavier snow moves in.”

I’m always skeptical about blizzards and hurricanes until they live up to expectations. So often they breeze past without much trouble. Maybe not this time.

In 2050, will people still be talking about Snowzilla and calling it “The Blizzard of the Century?” Or will climate change bring us ever more amazing blizzards, piled higher and deeper?

Yes, we expect to be snowbound until Monday, maybe longer. No problem. I have a plan.

Sleep, eat, read. Repeat. Have a nice weekend.

— John

5 thoughts on “Snowzilla Survival Plan

  1. AND drink Benedictine. Virginia ABC had a sale lasting through New Years. I stocked up.

    In between times, go out and shovel, pacing consciously, since there is no way of getting to the gym for a squat workout.


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