How To Revive An Old Man And Restart His Old Blog

Friends, I’ve been wanting to get back to blogging on a regular and dependable basis. However . . . There have been challenges . . . It’s so easy to make excuses, so easy to procrastinate. It’s what I do best.

Mainly, it’s a matter of re-energizing and motivating the old blogger. This post will be simply a teaser. Tease myself into action, and tease long-neglected readers that more posts will be coming. At least, I hope so.

The prerequisite was figuring out an answer to the following question:

How and where do I live a good life at this late age on a sustainable basis?

The answer required several years and a lot of research. I’ll reveal the answer as I’ve been able to discern it, and consequent actions required, in future posts. God willing.  — John

6 thoughts on “How To Revive An Old Man And Restart His Old Blog

  1. I get you. For most of the last decade I was a five time a week poster, sometimes more. And a few years ago I just became too sad and frustrated too much of the time to write the same way. Ironic, because in the same time span I’ve finally been able to live with a partner who is actually an adult for the first time in my life. Only, for a while we sheltered a young woman we’d both known for years, worked to mentor in the face of parental near-abandonment for those years, who seemed to need only a break in life to go forward, only to find she had grown up into a self-centered, entitled user that had to be thrown out of the house and told never to darken this door again… and then, effing Trump. I spend all the time I used to devote to blogging glued to the news coverage hoping desperately for some light through the clouds.

    It seems as if it was in another world that I hopped onto WordPress to play with words as I’ve loved doing all my life and to meet people who had something of their own to say and windows on other parts of the world to show me.

    How do we convince ourselves there’s any joy left to pursue after watching ugliness and despair leaf out from all the cracks in the walls of the world like some sort of spiritual kudzu? I’ll stay tuined in here.


  2. Well good luck. I’m your age. And feeling my late sixties through the Trump era zeitgeist ain’t renewing any spring in my shuffle. And more and more a post feels only as important as its timestamp, and less and less is yesterday’s effort of any consequence other than giving more bragging rights on quantitative numbers of post pimping.

    Hang in there.


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