A Little Change Is OK

Housekeeping is not what I do best. In fact, mostly I avoid housekeeping. However, I realized that restarting this old blog is going to require a little. A little housekeeping, I mean. As little as possible. Please bear with me.

Until this month, I hadn’t posted here since the end of 2016. Seems like my will to blog faded away after the sorry election of that November. Not a single post in all of 2017! After all that time, the blog seemed to need repair.

You might notice that I’ve been tinkering with the blog title and the visual theme. I might  cull out a few old posts that no longer seem relevant. Maybe fiddle a little with categories, tags, widgets.

Housekeeping will be done soon, or I’ll simply give up on it. I’ll turn my attention to blogging. But the posts will be different. Writing will be more concise. My political opinions will be banned. Simplicity will be the focus. I hope to have photos and observations on my new life in Florida.

In a day or three, I shall return with a brief outline of the changes necessary to bring me and my life to this time and place.

— John

7 thoughts on “A Little Change Is OK

  1. Oh how wonderful John that today I navigate my reader to find you posting in it.. LOL.. And I will look forward to catching more posts hopefully with lots of photos of your new life in Florida
    Sending warm thoughts your way.. And good luck with the cobwebs!! 🙂 LOL

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  2. John:

    YEAAAAAAAA!!! Glad to see you back! I’ve been thinking of restarting my Delmarva Progressive blog, too, but I just recently restarted my “Andy Harris Voting Record” FB page, and I don’t know if I really have the time to do both. I’d rather not do a half-assed job on each…better to focus on one.

    Again, “welcome back!!”



  3. Sounds like a great idea to restart this blog. And would love to see some photos of life in Florida – maybe you could get some good shots of those beautiful blue herons!


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