Growing Older Is Better Than You Think

I recommend the following article to everyone:

“Your Professional Decline Is Coming (Much) Sooner Than You Think,” by Arthur C. Brooks, The Atlantic, June 19, 2019.

Nothing I can say at this moment would do it justice. Please go and read it.

— John

2 thoughts on “Growing Older Is Better Than You Think

  1. To access this, I have to sign up. The last time I signed up to access something I received a ton of spam.

    Could you provide a synopsis?

    Strange that I am approaching that bottom step, but for the first time in my life I have an office with a window and a job I love. For how long? Who knows. But I’m going to appreciate this gift while I have it. 🙂

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  2. Oops, I stumbled upon this article on, and linked to it there. Now I realize you can get to it easier by simply Googling Arthur C Brooks Atlantic, or the title of the article. And it’s in the July issue of Atlantic magazine, which I’m going to try to buy tonight. Googling will take you directly to the version in the Atlantic, which is typographically easier to read than the one on Medium. The article is about a 30-minute read, and it’s so packed with wisdom and insights that I can’t summarize it.

    Let’s see: after about age 50, people generally go into rapid decline at work. Then they feel irrelevant, useless, often become very depressed. It may happen more commonly to men, but it also applies to women. Brooks reviews a bit of research without getting bogged down, and mentions several historical figures as examples. Then he explains the steps that people need to move on to as they age, in order to transition from “doing” to teaching and mentoring. AND to move to a deeper spiritual life and overcome the fear of death. It sounds like deep stuff, and I guess it is, but Brooks covers it all with a light touch. I found it very insightful and wise! I will update my post soon to include a link to the Atlantic.

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