Dangerous Heatwave Alert

Dangerous HEAT — like over 100° and then some — is expected this weekend throughout much of the United States, especially the East Coast, Andrew Freedman reports in The Washington Post. It will be an extended heatwave, possibly of historic magnitude, that’s my interpretation. Google the Capital Weather Gang. Turn on your TV. Bring in the pets.

The heat will be made worse by very high humidity left over from the hurricane that moved north from the Gulf of Mexico a few days ago.

Extremely high heat is a most dangerous weather condition, according to Freedman.

Everyone should make sure their air-conditioning is working, and that includes New England. Have extra water. That’s according to me.

ELDERLY PEOPLE who do not have air conditioning should make plans to shelter in a safe, air-conditioned place for the weekend, or longer. Pack your bag and go to a relative’s or a friend’s house. Don’t wait. Do it sooner rather than later. Today or Thursday would be a good time to go. Don’t forget your toothbrush and your prescriptions. I’m not an expert, and I don’t want to be alarmist, that’s simply my opinion.

I imagine that every big city will open heat shelters, but I don’t know if they will act quickly enough or have adequate space for everyone.

My personal suggestion for dogs and cats: It would be nice if you can take them with you, but it’s probably not critical. I think they will survive OK. Just leave them several large bowls of water and let them go down in the basement, if you can. They can go hungry for a while, but they need water.

Pray that the power companies are prepared, and the electric grid is secure. Demand overload and power failure could easily turn into emergency. Widespread and extended power outages could become disasters.

This is not science fiction, or apocalyptic fiction, or any kind of fiction. It’s news. It’s what we can expect in the future. The future begins this weekend.

— John

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Heatwave Alert

  1. I just arrived back from California last Thursday. It was 110 there the day before I left. My sister has a swamp cooler — sort of like a fan that adds moisture to the air. It works very well and is not as energy sucking as A/C.

    When my kids were little (they’re in their 40’s now) it was over 100 in Wisconsin one year. Then I remember the years in Florida when it was unseasonably cold, or dry or rainy. Climate change has been around since there was an Earth.

    The problem, as I see it is that we’ve forgotten that people once lived in very cold, and very hot places without A/C by living according to what is needed to survive in their environment. As for Florida; people move to Florida who don’t do well with the heat and humidity. They need A/C to survive. It doesn’t help that many of them cut down the trees, build homes with small windows, and then wonder why it is so hot in the summer and cold in the winter (the trees provide a natural insulation.

    The inability to live in ones environment is what taxes the electricity.

    I’ll put the fans in the windows and turn them on high while staying with my dogs. My dogs are family and I will not leave them while I seek comfort.


    • You covered it well. We’ve always had temperature extremes, anywhere and everywhere. I once attended a wedding in a town called Frostburg, no less, in the mountains of western Maryland on an August day when it hit 105°. It might have been the hottest day of the century in Frostburg.

      I’ve heard about them swamp blasters, but never seen one. Sounds like a good idea. You are so right about modern practices, especially architecture. Whoever had the bright idea to invent windows that don’t open and close in office buildings, that person ought to be locked in such a building with no electric power until he is well done.

      Dogs and cats are probably smarter than people, when it comes to finding cool places. They would probably do just fine down in the basement. Except we don’t have basements around here.🤔

      The Tampa Bay Times had a story about future heat on the front page this morning.

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      • This morning it was unseasonably cold in my area of Florida. I was considering wearing a sweater. I remember the windows that wouldn’t open — and there are still windowless office buildings. I can’t imagine any structure more soul sucking.

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