The Write It Forward Author Marketing Plan

A fellow writer-blogger asked about marketing. Viola! I immediately happened upon a highly informative piece posted today by Jen Talty over at Bob Mayer’s Blog, “Write It Forward.”  

You can find a ton of valuable marketing information at Bob Mayer’s sites, and if you want, you can buy his books.

Social media seems to be a huge marketing factor, and I would recommend Kristen Lamb’s blog and her book “We Are Not Alone.”

David Gaughran at “Let’s Get Digital” has posted a lot on his personal experiences with marketing, including his sales numbers. On St. Patrick’s Day he ran a marketing experiment (a 99-cent sale) featuring a variety of books in different genres and by different authors. He’s already posted about the results, which were encouraging.

The Self-Published Author’s Lounge is another blog with great marketing info by a number of authors.

What do all these blogs have in common? You can find them all listed under “Books & Publishing” at the top of my sidebar, which you will see to the right. Click on one or all to be enlightened about marketing and other subjects near and dear to the hearts of Indie writers.

— John Hayden

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