“You Can Buy Happiness” by Tammy Strobel

Tammy Strobel blogs at “Rowdy Kittens” about simplifying her life, riding bicycles, and living in tiny houses (or as she puts it, finding “fulfillment in less stuff, less debt and less wage-chasing”). Simplicity! I’m in favor of it.

She has a print book scheduled for release in September.  The title is: “You Can Buy Happiness (And It’s Cheap).”

If we had a Pulitzer Prize for book titles, that would be a winner. You can see the cover and read a little more about her book here.  It’s nonfiction, and already listed for preorder in paperback on Amazon.com and Barnes & Nobel. I can’t wait to read it. I think I’ll probably order some happiness as well, since it’s cheap. Maybe I’ll buy happiness in large quantities, enough to share.   I wonder, do they sell it by the case or the gross? Or maybe by weight or volume? Maybe you can simply download it on the Net, like a movie? Whatever it is, put me down for a truckload.

BTW, I’ve already clicked on the little note at Amazon, asking them to make the book available on Kindle, and done the same at Barnes & Nobel for Nook. The amazing and exploding world of Ebooks seems to be dominated by niche fiction (and pulp fiction), but I think a nonfiction title like “You Can Buy Happiness” could help open the digital world to more quality nonfiction.

The book will be published by New World Library, which I’d never heard of, but what do I know? It’s a small publishing company with big sales in Novato, Calif., started way back in 1977.

I know many of the folks who read my blog will be interested in Tammy’s latest post: “RVs versus Tiny Houses,” in which she concisely explains the advantages of tiny houses.

— John Hayden

2 thoughts on ““You Can Buy Happiness” by Tammy Strobel

  1. This could’t be more true- you’re happiest when life is simplified. The more you have, the more pressure, stress, and potential to be overwhelmed. With less in life to focus on, and on the things that matter such as family, friends, enjoyment, being engaged with what we’re doing will produce cheap, and free happiness. If that doesn’t do it, I know snagging a great clothing or food sale always brings a smile to my face.


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