After the First Debate

AFTER THE FIRST DEBATE:   “Never mind.” The election goes down to the wire. Probably it will be close. The pundits on MSNBC were bitterly disappointed in President Obama’s performance. Mitt Romney took two weeks off to rest and prepare, and it paid off. He denied repeatedly that he’d cut taxes for the wealthy. He pounded the president  on investments in green energy. He accused the president of cutting Medicare funding. All Romney had to do was stand on the same stage and look like a plausible candidate. Mission accomplished.  — John

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6 thoughts on “After the First Debate

    • Ha, I would if I could! Any scapegoat in a storm.

      But President Bush wasn’t on stage last night. The statute of limitations has officially run out. In all honesty, it was never very fair to blame President Bush. The housing bubble and Wall Street risk-taking are beyond any president’s control.

      I’m sure the Federal Reserve Board deserves a share of blame. But mostly, I think investors and consumers brought the crisis on ourselves by our own irresponsible spending and borrowing.


  1. I’m sick about it, because all Obama had to do was call Romney on his chameleon-like changes of position and factual slipperiness. But it is, still, just going to be down to the wire. It’s hard for me to imagine that people — even the average voter, whose stupidity often seems to me boundless — can really change their minds that readily based on 90 minutes of dialogue; the two men stand for such disparate principles. Have you encountered the dissection of CNN’s snap poll, which found that two-thirds of Southerners over 50 liked Romney’s performance better? Seriously, that was the only statistically significant demographic in the poll responses.


    • Yep. I’ve voted for Republicans in the past, when they seemed like the best person. But the ideological divide between Romney and Obama, and between most politically active Republicans and Democrats, has become so wide now! I can’t imagine anything that would change my mind about supporting Obama, and most other Democratic candidates, at this point.


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