“America Is Splitting Apart”

“Many blue states are moving further left, while red states are heading rightward. In effect, America is splitting apart without going through all the trouble of a civil war.”

Robert Reich, June 8, 2013 (Read Mr. Reich’s three-page essay here.)

If you want more scary reading about the divide between red states and blue states, here’s an essay I wrote earlier this year: “America Divided.” Also see the related articles below. — John Hayden

6 thoughts on ““America Is Splitting Apart”

  1. Not the ‘change’ we need, want or expect. The Republicans are divided, those who follow the leader for changing the country into a communist state and those who want to follow the constitution and do the job they were elected to do. However the ‘change’ regime is overpowering the constitution in many ways.

    Only God can help us now.


  2. As part of my job I get to see inside people’s lives on a very personal level and the interesting thing to me is, no matter what side you are on, we all seem to share common experiences. This division seems to be spurred on in large part by media and politics. I think if people talked more on a personal level than a “platform/issue” stance it might be easier to find commonalities instead of divisions.


    • Thanks for your insightful comment. I agree, at the most fundamental levels, we all share common experiences: illnesses, aches and pains, loneliness, fears, emotions.

      But the divide between the wealthy and the poor, between the super-educated and the uneducated, is widening. The rich and educated are less and less able to remember or understand what daily life is like for the poor. For example, how many among the poor, the working class, and the hard-pressed middle class can afford to hire an organizational specialist? The rich have access to a service industry that removes them entirely from the daily survival pressures of the poor.

      I agree that media and politics seem to be shining less light and sowing more division.


      • I agree to some extent that there is a divide when it comes to socioeconomics, but I will say you might be surprised at how afforadable a professional organizer is especially when compared to the cost of cable television, internet service, or gaming systems. And the benefits are priceless 🙂


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