Life After 65

When I started this blog in 2009, I called it “Life After 60.” Then I realized that life after 60 is not all that interesting. Not as interesting as books, politics, the economic crisis. Now, as of yesterday, I could call the blog “Life After 65.” Boring. Think I’ll stick with “Work In Progress.” Still trying to simplify, still obsessing about political and economic mysteries. Long live Medicare and Social Security!

11 thoughts on “Life After 65

  1. It is oh so rare, John that I ever disagree…but here goes. The real juice of being over 60 or over 65 is that you’ve got the mileage on you that accounts for some real wisdom–not just the new agey feel good king–but real wisdom. Secondly, in my humble opinion your writing is good because it is informed by years of observation and experience. I’ll trust your opinion over a 20-something puppy any day of the week. And finally, wouldn’t you agree that being in one’s 60’s or even 70’s takes the burden of being politically so darn polite that you won’t step on anyone’s toes. Oh the joy of being too old to BS and young enough to laugh about it. Always love your blog whether it’s the slice of life stuff or the political!


    • Isn’t it interesting Mark, how once your realize that time is limited, you begin to want to live your life more consciously? I love that about getting older. PS- I am 61 and feeling spry, albeit with a few more physical restrictions…though I can hike with the best of ’em.


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