Snowzilla Is a Nor’easter Along Maryland Coast

Interstate 70 and Interstate 270 reported Closed.

The state of Maryland has closed Interstate 70 Saturday evening, from the Baltimore beltway in the east to Interstate 81 at Hagerstown in the west.  Interstate 270 is also reported closed from the Washington beltway to Frederick, where it merges into I-70 going west.

The Snowzilla blizzard of 2016 is also a Nor’easter along the Maryland coast. Nor’easters often cause some flooding and erosion on Maryland’s ocean coastline and the Chesapeake Bay area.

In Ocean City, waves driven by high winds and unusually high tides were reported pounding the beaches on Saturday, continuing Saturday night and probably into Sunday. For some Ocean City streets that typically experience flooding during storms and extremely high tides, this storm was no different.

Here are excerpts from advisories issued by the town of Ocean City, MD, on Saturday, Jan. 23, 2016:

“OCEAN CITY, MD – (January 23, 2016): Town of Ocean City officials are preparing for moderate flooding over the high tides Saturday evening and Sunday morning , on both the oceanside and bayside. High tide on the oceanside (Inlet) will occur at 7:26 p.m. this evening and again at 7:58 a.m. tomorrow morning. The bayside reaches high tide approximately two hours after the ocean, which will be approximately 9:26 p.m. tonight and 9:58 a.m. tomorrow morning.

With strong, sustained winds reaching 35 mph and gusts nearing 60 mph, the effects of the coastal storm system will continue through the morning hours tomorrow, January 24. Rain and potential snow are also expected, which will result in moderate flooding when combined with the storm and tidal surges.

The Inlet Parking Lot is closed and will remain closed until further notice. At this time, moderate beach erosion has been experienced in several areas. In addition, property damage and power outages have been experienced throughout town; however, they have been minor. Citizens should prepare for possible power outages lasting several hours or even several days. The Town of Ocean City will continue to update citizens of utility outages as frequently as possible, however; citizens can view outages at:

Flood warnings and wind advisories remain in effect . . . 

City Wide Emergency Alerts: Citizens can sign up for emergency alerts by visiting: and subscribing to “City Wide Emergency Alerts.”

Town of Ocean City Facebook:
Town of Ocean City Twitter: @townofoceancity
Town of Ocean City website:”

Delmarva Power Disconnects Power in South Ocean City

“Ocean City, MD – (January 23, 2016): Delmarva Power this evening is disconnecting power to a portion of Ocean City, Md., south of North Division Street and Baltimore Avenue, due to storm surge flooding that has submerged electrical infrastructure. The service interruption, which is scheduled within the hour, affects about 620 customers and will remain in effect until it is safe to re-energize the equipment. Delmarva Power crews will re-evaluate the situation in several hours. Service restoration will be dependent on how quickly water recedes from affected areas. Customers should be prepared to be out of service until it is safe to re-energize the equipment. This is only done as a last resort in the interest of public safety and to protect the integrity of the infrastructure serving the downtown area.”

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