Snowzilla In The Rearview Mirror

Amazing, isn’t it, how quickly the first snowfall of winter loses its appeal as an exciting adventure? Even if it’s a blizzard?

Saturday evening, it was so deep that even the plows could hardly move. And snow continued to fall, at a rate of one-half inch an hour or more!

We were all in this together. Hopelessly, helplessly, stuck. When the blizzard finally tapered off Saturday night, the world was quiet and at peace. It was perfectly cozy, being snowed in.

That didn’t last long.

By Sunday afternoon, eager beavers were digging cars out. (Hey everybody, what’s the big rush?) Little green machines — miniature bulldozers — were doing what the big snowplows could not. Busily hauling snow away, one scoop at a time. The green machines didn’t care that they were destroying my excuse for hibernating in place.

Monday, even though everything important in Maryland remained closed — all the schools, the federal government, most businesses — people were impatient to be out and about. Even with no place to go. Turns out, there are places to go. The Giant is open, and McDonald’s.

And so, this afternoon, I have no choice but to put on boots, venture out and see about the damn car. Personally, I think  it’s too soon to declare that Snowzilla, the Great Blizzard of 2016, is over. My rearview mirrors, at least, are still covered with snow.

I hate to think about Tuesday. 

— John Hayden

3 thoughts on “Snowzilla In The Rearview Mirror

  1. I like digging out my car and house, but then enjoying the fact that the roads are too crappy for much to happen. And I cannot fathom why people need to go to McDonald’s or whatever “just to get out.” I work from my house and I love a reason to not have to leave it. Except to the gym. If I could get groceries delivered I would (the places I shop don’t deliver).


    • I’m with you. I don’t understand why people are so restless. I talked to several people who are itching to go someplace, anyplace. The only reason they don’t is they’re afraid someone will steal their parking space

      Re: Grocery delivery. There’s an ap for that. đŸ™‚ But it’s an expensive service. It’s in my career plan for Spring.


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