Bernie Sanders Is Winning The Contest For The Democratic Nomination

News flash: Bernie Sanders is winning!

Why does the mainstream media report over and over that Hillary Clinton is almost certain to be the Democratic nominee?

The presumption of a Hillary Clinton nomination is based on a dwindling lead of fewer than 300 pledged delegates, with 18 states yet to vote.

Hillary’s lead is based entirely on Democratic primary victories in the former Confederate states of the Deep South, from South Carolina to Texas. Is the Democratic nominee going to win any of the Deep South states in November? Highly unlikely. We are conceding the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton based a handful of Southern states? I think this is wishful thinking put out by the vast Democratic Party establishment, and repeated by cable TV pundits as if they were parrots.

Since the contest moved on to other parts of the country, Bernie Sanders has reversed the momentum. Sanders shocked the Clinton campaign by winning the Michigan Democratic primary. Michigan, unlike the South, is a state the Democratic party can win in November. Clinton held off Sanders in two other important states, Illinois and Ohio. But Sanders won Minnesota. It looks like Wisconsin will be the tiebreaker in the big Midwestern states.

(Full disclosure: I’ve donated more than $200 but less than $300 to the Sanders campaign in recent weeks, mostly in $27 increments. I am a confirmed Sanders supporter.)

This past weekend, Sanders won all three contests. He won by margins of 70 percent or more in Washington State, which may be a bellwether for the West, and in Alaska and Hawaii. And still the mainstream media anoints Hillary as the winner? Sanders has also won a slew of other Western states, such as Colorado. 

Of the states that have held Democratic primaries or caucuses to date, Hillary Clinton has won 18, and Bernie Sanders has won 14, if my arithmetic is correct. Several of the largest and most Democratic states have yet to vote.

An epidemic of blindness, delusion and denial is sweeping the U.S. establishment, in both Democratic and Republican parties. Just my opinion.

Next up, Wisconsin and New York.

I had this email message today from Jeff Weaver, who is Sanders campaign manager:

“For the past several years, Wisconsin has been ground zero for worker’s rights, women’s rights, and voting rights. Those people cannot afford to wait for incremental change — they need a president who will think big about the transformational change required of this moment.”

Do you think there might be a big turnout in Wisconsin?

Both Sanders and Clinton are campaigning hard in Wisconsin. But only Hillary is dodging Erin Burnett on CNN.

Earlier this evening, I watched Erin Burnett’s live interview with Sanders in Milwaukee. He answered all her questions, and none of them were softballs.

At the end of the interview, Burnett turned to the camera and said to the viewers: “I want you to know. . .”

What she said next is this:

Hillary Clinton, who is in Wisconsin, was also invited for a live interview with Erin Burnett on CNN. Sanders accepted the interview. Clinton demurred.

Sanders is seeking a debate in New York before that state’s primary. Hillary is dodging that request.

To sum up, we’re coming up on big primaries in Wisconsin, New York, Pennsylvania, and other states, including Maryland. I wonder what the primary results will be in California.

Remember, you heard it here first. Bernie Sanders is winning.

— John Hayden

5 thoughts on “Bernie Sanders Is Winning The Contest For The Democratic Nomination

  1. That’s why I send him the day’s tips once or twice a week. Because what Clinton state is a Democrat going to carry? Meanwhile, he steps on the Republican far more handily than Clinton in all matchups. Aside from the fact that he’s the candidate I’ve been waiting for since I was in college. I haven’t got another forty years to wait.


  2. Oh, I agree. He is far more electable, and will get more turnout in states where Democrats can actually win the general. Almost every state HRC has won will have a Frump majority in the end. But I think it is unwise to stay home in an HRC-Trump contest if there is one, or HRC-Cruz.


    • No way I’m going to stay home in November. I hope to be voting for Bernie Sanders in the general election, as I will in the Maryland primary in April. But if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee, I will be happy to vote for her. I respect Hillary Clinton. But I think she represents a bipartisan corporate-government establishment that has forgotten about the average man and woman. I think Bernie Sanders is the right man for this moment in history.

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      • Yes, agree totally. One of my friends is convinced the Sanders surge is a result of good marketing and smart staff, i.e. an illusion of some kind. But that doesn’t account for it all (not that I am against having good marketing and smart staff, or don’t think these are essential). I think people realize it is time to consider the Sanders proposals. I also think he is more likely to get people to polls, and more likely to get crossover vote — red-baiting will be much easier to refute than whatever they come up with to discourage people with about HRC.


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