Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Rising water from the marsh creeps closer to houses not far from where I live in West Ocean City. Taken Sunday afternoon. I guess there’s a reason they call this “wetlands.”

10:30 p.m. Sunday, still above water in West Ocean City, MD. (Although my roof is leaking again.) Just finished writing a detailed news report over at Ocean City Blog. It’s raining hard and the wind’s picking up. But this baby is only beginning. They’re calling Sandy a hybrid hurricane/nor’easter now.   

Your blogger and canine friend, ignoring the weather outside.

It’s the consensus of the three humans, two dogs and two cats in this sturdy house that we’re fairly safe here. Of course, the cats and dogs are cool as long as their humans are cool (and the pet food holds out). They trust us, maybe too much.

I drove around on a fact-finding mission this afternoon (actually I was looking for an open laundromat). Lots of businesses open, but alas, no laundromats. One bar was advertising beer by the bucket.

I’d already stocked up on essentials (cat food, cat litter, gallons of water) yesterday, but added a few more items at the supermarket. The staff was working hard, removing meat and frozen food from display cases, to relocate it in better refrigeration units in back. I believe they intend to keep the main refrigeration units going with generators when the power goes out. Since they did all that work, maybe the power will stay on.

Enjoyed a wonderful roast beef and potato dinner cooked by Judy, the world’s best neighbor, with a handful of other neighbors, earlier this evening. Elaine had to keep calling  it our “last supper.”

Enough blogging for one day. Maybe I’ll post some photos tomorrow for your indoor amusement during the storm.

Be dry and safe, wherever you are.

— John Hayden


2 thoughts on “Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

  1. They just finished closing the Providence hurricane barrier which should protect the center of the city (where I am) from flooding. Since we are not predicted to be in the storm’s most dangerous track, the big threats to this state are coastal flooding and power outages. My sister, Peggy, on the other hand is in New Jersey right in the path of the storm. Hoping everyone escapes unscathed to the fullest degree possible. That includes YOU!


    • Providence has a hurricane barrier! What a great idea. Is it similar to Amsterdam? Problem in Southern New England might be the wind pushing water onshore. We’re fortunate in MD that when the storm gets intense, the wind may be blowing against the water. But we’re definitely going to get a lot of flooding. Stay high and dry and warm, Barbara. (I’m holding you responsible for the whole condo bldg.) (That’s a joke, maybe this isn’t the best time to be joking. Just posted a 9:30 a.m update on marylandonmymind.com)


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