Hurricane Sandy Flooding in West Ocean City, MD

A car tries to navigate a West Ocean City street which flooded at high tide about 8 a.m. Monday morning. The water has since subsided, but another high tide is coming this evening.    Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy, 1 p.m. Monday Status


I’ve been posting local updates on Hurricane Sandy from West Ocean City, Maryland on Ocean City Blog at  We’re approaching afternoon low tide so I’m going out to reconnoiter on foot, and possibly move the car to higher ground. We’re expecting the worst of the storm Monday afternoon and night. I’ll try to post some photos and thoughts here later in the day. — John

Waiting for Hurricane Sandy

Rising water from the marsh creeps closer to houses not far from where I live in West Ocean City. Taken Sunday afternoon. I guess there’s a reason they call this “wetlands.”

10:30 p.m. Sunday, still above water in West Ocean City, MD. (Although my roof is leaking again.) Just finished writing a detailed news report over at Ocean City Blog. It’s raining hard and the wind’s picking up. But this baby is only beginning. They’re calling Sandy a hybrid hurricane/nor’easter now.    Continue reading