Hurricane Sandy Flooding in West Ocean City, MD

A car tries to navigate a West Ocean City street which flooded at high tide about 8 a.m. Monday morning. The water has since subsided, but another high tide is coming this evening.   

Water subsided from the streets by the early afternoon low tide. But heavy rain continued. You’re looking at a deep roadside drainage ditch which is full and overflowing into the yard  and onto the street. The driveway is barely above water at this time. The water will continue to rise until at least high tide at about 8 p.m. Monday.

Early afternoon, rising water from the coastal bay is flooding yards all around waterfront properties in West Ocean City. This is at low tide! Wait til high tide.

This is being called an unprecedented storm, a Frankenstorm. The area of wind and rain may be among the widest ever experienced on the East Coast. Worst damage expected in New York City area, downed trees, power outages, and local flooding can happen almost everywhere. It’s unpredictable in the extreme.

The heaviest rain and wind in Maryland are expected Monday evening and overnight. Worst flooding in Ocean City may be high tide Monday evening, and high tides on Tuesday. Detailed hurricane updates on Ocean City Blog, AKA Maryland On My Mind.

I hope to post more photos this evening here on Work in Progress. Right now I think I’ll take a break for a nap. Stay dry and safe.

I think we may soon lose electric power.

— John Hayden

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy Flooding in West Ocean City, MD

  1. Thanks so much for the photos! I’m in Zimbabwe at the moment but own a home in Mystic Harbor. Your photos are invaluable to the many many people who are away.


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