Goodbye Twitter

It’s early morning, but already I’ve accomplished something. A few moments ago, I deactivated my Twitter account.

Hadn’t much used the account for more than a year. Now, I simply do not want to be associated with Twitter in any way. I don’t want to say anything bad about Twitter. But I can’t think of anything good. Twitter is not making the world a better place. Let’s let it go at that.

Farewell Twitter! You will not be missed.

Will Facebook be next?

— John

Hot, Noisy, Crowded.

“Starve the Beast.” I’ve been meaning to write that post for about two months. I think “Starve the Beast” is central to understanding America’s present “debt crisis.”

But just this minute, we have a Summer Weekend.  The town is infested with Junebugs, stuck in a heat wave (on the way to a drought). And we have THE AIR SHOW, the car show, a couple of youth sports tournaments. A steaming, noisy, crowded, drunken melting pot, plus cars, bicycles, motorcycles, scooters. What more could you want?

Think before you speak. Wag more, bark less.  — John

Politics, 2010

If you’re puzzling out the political trends for the 2010 election season, you could watch today’s primary results. But perhaps more telling as a leading political indicator is the recent election result in Iceland.

Jon Taplin, an astute observer of what he calls the “political interregnum,” takes note of the unexpected turn elections can take, when voters are just plain fed up.

“What is so interesting about Iceland, . . .  is the spirit of renewal in the air . . .   They have suffered from the excesses of the boom, just like we did, but they are determined to get on with the future and not just argue about the past.”

You can read Jon’s post here. It’s a short post, but must reading for U.S. politicians and engaged voters.

Hmm. I wonder what the cost of living is in Iceland.