I recommend this post about Michelle and her service dog, Ruthie Mae.

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“One Good Dog” by Susan Wilson

Five Stars
An exceptional novel disguised as a great story! “One Good Dog” has pain you can feel, two protagonists transformed, lots of anger, and of course, forgiveness and redemption. Makes you think about the unfairness of luck. (The pit bull’s name is “Chance”.)  Susan Wilson is a master novelist. An unusually fun read, but definitely not a cheap thrill. Best $2.99 I ever spent!

A cat and dog, the two most popular animals ke...

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— John Hayden

“It’s the dogs that count”: a tale of the New Austerity (via Baroque in Hackney)

While I’m working myself into a lather, writing my next post about THE END of Civilization in America, you have time to enjoy this spirit-lifting essay by Ms. B, a gifted British blogger. She manages to cover many of the things that really matter — dogs, austerity, friendship. Ms. B makes her points deftly and moves on. She doesn’t beat you over the head, again and again, about the same boring issues, the way I do.

"Its the dogs that count": a tale of the New Austerity Well, I promised you dogs. The sad truth is that this picture was scanned in yesterday morning and has been sitting since then, waiting for a post. It has taken that long to find a few minutes. I have a friend whose mother was a doughty woman from Bristol, who knitted and sewed and made do and mended, and who recycled absolutely everything. A good, solid, practical, no-nonsense woman, in the old  mould. She died about ten years ago, if  not maybe … Read More

via Baroque in Hackney