Freshly Pressed AND Mauled By A Polar Bear On The Same Day

Has anything in the blogosphere ever created as much angst and envy as “Freshly Pressed?”

Folks, we’ve got to stop obsessing about Freshly Pressed. Consider the following from News: bloggers published 39,705,625 posts in January . . . “and we featured 190 of them on Freshly Pressed.”

Think of it. McDonald’s hamburgers, billions sold! Blog posts, millions and millions! Freshly Pressed, 190 in January. Continue reading

“Freshly Pressed” Insider’s Report

Being “Freshly Pressed” is the best thing that can happen to a blogger, short of going viral. (But it doesn’t put you in a class with Adrianna Huffington or Matt Drudge.) Human beings thrive on recognition and affirmation.

Freshly Pressed  focused my attention. It prompted some overdue housekeeping around the blog, clean-up and improvements that are hopefully invisible to the reader.

It also reminded me of the largeness of the digital world. One little blog is like a star in a galaxy, or sand on a beach. Though insignificant in the grand scheme of things, one blog can shine light in the darkness, or  — like a grain of sand — irritate the complacent and powerful.

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