A Homeless Guy, A Billionaire, And A Dumpster. Be Happy.

blue dumpster

So a rich guy and a homeless guy walk into a bar . . .

Sorry, let me start over. So a rich guy and a homeless guy walk into a dumpster . . .

One more time. A rich guy and a homeless guy walk into The Washington Post . . .

America is officially a “Tale of Two Cities,” as New York Mayor Bill de Blasio says.

The grand canyon between extreme wealth and abject poverty has grown so wide and deep that we have lost all perspective. We have become indifferent and uncaring.

It’s common for the rich, especially, to believe that poor people choose to be poor. The rich imagine the poor are HAPPY.

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Cartoonist Takes Over Business Section Of Newspaper

Of course you want to be happy in 2014! Doesn’t everybody?

Let me save you some time and eyestrain. Don’t bother reading the “happiness” story referred to in the previous post.

I won’t even name the formerly great newspaper. It’s too embarrassing. (Hint: The newspaper’s flag at one time included the words “And Times-Herald.” Jeff Bezos owns the paper now.)

To his credit, the author of the piece, Scott Adams, creator of the comic strip “Dilbert,” is totally, completely honest.

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If You Could Have What You Want, What Would It Be?

So I get up this morning, Sunday, Jan. 5, 2014. It’s cold, gray, wet. The bleakest day in a string of bleak days. And here’s this headline in the newspaper:

“Read this if you want to be happy in 2014”

A headline among headlines! Maybe not the best headline, because it doesn’t tell you the subject of the story, it doesn’t tell you what happened, it doesn’t tell you THE NEWS.

“Read this if you want to be happy in 2014”

I have to read that story. I need to read that story. I must read that story. It’s the ultimate headline, the best headline ever written.

I wonder what the story’s going to tell me? “Read this if you want to be happy in 2014.”

Find out what happens next, here.

— John