War and Remembrance: Lessons of 20th Century History Lost in the Corruption and Arrogance of the 21st Century


Originally published 03-25-2011

I finished Herman Wouk‘s War and Remembrance,” a fictionalized but authentic novel of World War II, last night. The book left me overwhelmed and exhausted, and  wanting urgently to pin down the most important of Herman Wouk’s keen insights into human folly and war.

Quite an accomplishment, for an author to cover the entire, bloody history of World War II — the ultimate manmade catastrophe — to bring some order out of the chaos, and write down the story for an ordinary reader like me to understand.

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Collage of images taken by U.S. military in Ir...

Photos from the war in Iraq. Image via Wikipedia

UPDATED MARCH 21, 2011:  After eight years of war in Iraq and 10 years in Afghanistan, the U.S. has decided that two wars in that part of the world are not enough.

On Saturday, French warplanes and U.S. and British missiles attacked Libya.

Forget a “no fly zone.” The Allies went to war. We aimed modern weapons of destruction at Libya, and pulled the trigger.

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