‘Back To Blood’ — Tom Wolfe On Men, Women, And Miami

John Hayden photo

John Hayden photo

Tom Wolfe’s tour of contemporary America continues in “Back To Blood.”

The Bonfire of the Vanities (film)

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Like Wolfe’s other blockbusters — The Right Stuff, Bonfire Of The Vanities, and A Man In Full  Back To Blood focuses on Men and Manhood in the big cities of modern America. Wolfe has  vividly portrayed New York City and Atlanta. This time, the setting is Miami.

In Back To Blood, Wolfe writes about Real Men doing Real Work for the Right Reasons. The heroes are policemen, followed closely by newspapermen. Not a single female police officer or reporter in sight. Not exactly a politically correct portrayal of contemporary America!

Nestor Camacho is a young Cuban cop, intelligent and without guile, self-effacing and polite, god-fearing, muscular. Continue reading

Saint Dorothy Day

Day 100/365 : Choices

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“It’s a terrific idea: a home-town saint for the Occupy Wall Street era.”   — The New Yorker

Liberals, progressives, radicals: Take heart!

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DOROTHY DAY (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We knew it all along, but now Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan agrees. Dorothy Day is a candidate for sainthood!

NYC radical journalist Dorothy Day (1897-1980), co-founder of The Catholic Worker newspaper and a nationwide movement of “hospitality houses” serving the homeless, the hungry, and the poor, has been a candidate for sainthood in the Catholic Church since 2000. Now she even has the support, appropriately enough, of the archbishop of New York.

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Election Day 2012 Part 2


ELECTION DAY 2012, 11:48 p.m. It was as cold as expected in Maryland today. I was wearing Obama T-shirt over my winter jacket (layering is key in cold weather). This is supposed to be a conservative precinct. Almost no minorities. Not many men, either, I guess. Women, esp. young  women, voting in much higher numbers than men. (I can’t explain it.)  Young women and young men — many first-time voters —  voting in surprisingly high numbers. I didn’t know we had so many women under 25 here. Lots of them signaling a quick thumbs-up. Obama wins this precinct, unless my eyes deceive me. Ohio has been called. Looks like Obama will be a two-term pres. Health care wins. Women win. I hope Obama wins the popular vote too, or it may be a long four years. — John