Confessions of an Aging Blogger

I have this habit of disappearing without warning. It’s one of my many deficiencies as a blogger.


Some days I walk around wondering, “Where did I put my head?”


My photography skills leave something to be desired. The new Canon has a miraculous zoom lens, but my hands are unsteady. This egret is quite a distance off, and I can’t for the life of me capture all of her in one frame. So I try to salvage pictures using iPhoto. Powerful hardware and software should not be left unattended. Or, as a wise manager told me long ago, “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”


I nearly had her, that time! My goal is to write short and sweet. But often I’ll go on and on, trying to capture an argument that’s as elusive as an egret at 100 yards.


I need to learn to be satisfied with an incomplete picture. Incomplete and fuzzy writing. That’s my style, more often than not.

princess lola

I frequently veer off topic on a whim. That’s a blogging no-no. Which reminds me, have I posted a photo of Princess Lola recently?

Long-hair cat

Once I get into the zone, I could blog all night. It’s not as if I have a shortage of ideas. Definitely no shortage of cute and regal cat pictures. (When I really get going, I throw in random adjectives and adverbs, not to mention parenthetical references.)

cat on sofa

I have a compulsion to cover the subject in depth and variety. Cats come in so many interesting shapes and sizes. They’re so cute when they’re sleeping. I’m not above stating the obvious.


Lastly, I frequently write about taboo subjects. Not religion; I’m talking politics. Boring.

Now that I’ve retired from gainful employment, I’ll have more time for blogging! I’m trying to decide on a course of action. Should I start a new blog? I’m searching for the perfect niche. Preferably one that will draw a wide audience resulting in astounding statistics and minor income from the WordAds program.

While I’m awaiting inspiration, I’ll probably write about retirement. And that’s all I have to say tonight.

— John Hayden

Luxury With A Water View


seashore houses

Grand cottages on the water, vacation homes of the one percenters. They make a pretty picture. They’re located in West Ocean City, not far from the Route 50 Bridge. The picture was taken with a zoom lens from across the bay in South Ocean City.

Baseball, One Photo At A Time

The classic baseball photo: batter, catcher, umpire; all intent on the pitch.

The classic baseball photo: batter, catcher, umpire; all intent on the pitch.

I’ve been wanting to try tiling a series of photos, and what better subject than the great American Pastime?

Photos are from Opening Day 2013 at Nationals Stadium in Washington. Posted better late than never. — John Hayden  To see the gallery, click on the headline or photo above . . .

At Winter’s End, Explosive Surf Along Ocean City Beaches


Unusually powerful waves continued to break just off the Ocean City, Maryland,  beach in the bright sunshine Saturday afternoon, March 9, 2013.

Earlier in the week, the last storm of winter rolled up the East Coast, bringing snow inland, but only rain and sustained high wind here on the Atlantic shore. The rotation of the storm caused strong winds to push ocean water onto the beach and into the coastal bays behind the barrier islands.

sand on sea wall

The onshore winds continued through four or five tide cycles on Wednesday and Thursday. Sand (above) was blown and pushed up to and over the sea wall and onto the boardwalk in places. But there was no damage to the boardwalk. The sea wall did it’s job. Some buildings in Ocean City sustained wind damage to siding, and some signs were blown over. A little beach erosion. But generally, I think the storm was pushing sand up on the beach, rather than washing it away. — John Hayden

More photos of the surf, taken between 3 and 4 p.m. Saturday, as the high tide came in:

I skipped the annual New Year’s Day fundraiser in Ocean City, MD, for Atlantic General Hospital. I’ve seen it before, and it looks something like this.

It’s not that hard to restrain myself from starting the New Year by running into the Atlantic Ocean, no matter how good the cause. Now if I can only maintain such self-discipline for 12 more months, it will be a great year. However, I still intend to learn to hula hoop. — John

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Princess Lola Visits The Vet

I really need to brush this cat more often. And use the flea comb. Next time, I'm getting a short-haired cat that doesn't shed.

I really need to brush Lola more often. And use the flea comb! Next time, I’m getting a short-haired cat that doesn’t shed.

Took Princes Lola in for her long overdue rabies shot yesterday. A fox has been sighted in our neighborhood, which reminded me about rabies. Lola cried all the way to the vet’s in the car, but was quite content once she knew we were homeward bound. I think she actually enjoyed the attention.

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