Jon Taplin On The Brave New Technology Revolution

If you have 45 minutes and you’d like to know what’s happening in the worldwide technological revolution, I recommend “Sleeping Through A Revolution,” a lecture by Jon Taplin of the Annenberg Innovation Lab. Watch and listen to the lecture here.

The Internet economy is destroying jobs. Taplin cites the ruins of the music, newspaper, book, film, and television industries. The Internet economy has transferred a wealth of income  from the “creative class” (the makers of content) to monopolistic Internet platforms, such as Google and Facebook, Taplin says. And Amazon.

But wait! Musicians, editors, printers, authors and workers in the TV and film industries are not the only losers in this Brave New World of technology monopoly. Taplin predicts:

“The technological revolution is about to come for everybody else’s job too.”

Do you doubt it? The number of robots in the world is doubling every 30 months, Taplin reports. The lecture covers a lot of ground. Past, present, future. I’m not going to report the whole lecture. I urge you to watch it for yourself. I plan to listen to the lecture at least one more time.

— John Hayden

Overproduction & Excess Supply of Everything — Except Food


“My greatest fear is that much of the world could devolve into a dystopian nightmare in which increasing productivity brought on by automation and a global labor arbitrage crashes up against a reality of an overstretched global middle class no longer hungry to spend their every waking hour at the mall or the car dealership. This global goods glut arrives at the very moment that a combination of climate change, population growth and senseless farm policies have led to a potential global food crisis.”

The above quote is from Jon Taplin’s blog. If you’d like to know which way the wind is blowing at this bizarre point in history, you could read Jon Taplin.

Taplin calls the puzzling time in which we live “The Interregnum.”

— John Hayden


“Bring on the populist battle we have been waiting for. The 1% vs the 99%.”

Jonathan Taplin

Jonathan Taplin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The quote is from Jon Taplin. Everyone who’s serious about the 2012 election and the continuing economic crisis would  probably appreciate his blog at I know his savvy essays have helped me understand what a political and economic predicament we’re in. 

The Great ‘Culture-War’ Election of 2012

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Will the next election be a “culture war?” Looks like. Please read Jon Taplin’s latest post, “Bring On The Culture War.”

“Bring on this culture war to end all culture wars. We need a real clear decision. Do we (all the people, not some of the people) want to move towards Rick Perry’s vision on the future or Barack Obama’s vision of the future. Down Perry’s road lies a world where gays stay in the closet, women are submissive, where Social Security is abandoned to the care of Wall Street (for a big fee), and where we keep trying to play the role of policeman of the world.

Pretty much the opposite would be what Obama believes. So let’s choose as a country.”  — Jon Taplin

At stake in the 2012 culture-war election, of course, is nothing less than the future of Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Will America be a democracy of the people, or an aristocracy of the wealthy and powerful? Will we have a middle-class in America, or a deep divide between wealth and poverty?

Are people willing to give President Obama a fair hearing, or are they predisposed to hate the man?

— John Hayden