Transparency And Truth In Charlotte

Wednesday evening, and into the wee hours of Thursday morning, I watched the news from Charlotte, mostly on MSNBC, occasionally clicking over to CNN.

A couple of criticisms of the cable TV news coverage come to mind: Continue reading

Chris and Kathleen Matthews Show Gets the Hook


Three days experimentation with a Chris and Kathleen Matthews show was enough. The results are in. Thursday, Chris Matthews is flying solo as he wraps up a week filling in for Andrea Mitchell at 1 p.m. He’s smiling broadly and asking his patented long-winded questions. Still on is MSNBC’s plan to air the Chris Matthews Show exclusively at 7 p.m. That’s MSNBC and Chris Matthews opposite CNN and Erin Burnett, starting Monday.

Chris Matthews Lineup Shakeup At MSNBC News

English: Chris Matthews at the 2010 Time 100.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Big drama at MSNBC this week.  Will Chris Matthews be co-hosting “Hardball” with his wife, Kathleen Matthews, who is both a TV news pro and also spokes-meister for Marriott Corporation?  Continue reading



“It’s been great co-hosting the show with my husband. We will see you — I think? — again tomorrow.”    — Kathleen Matthews, with Chris Matthews.  Is this a tryout for a new “Hardball?”